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The LRNRD is leading the charge by coordinating recycling efforts with producers who use bags for grain storage, and recyclers who haul them off. At the LRNRD, we often hear that farmers want to the do the right thing and with grain bags it’s not burning them or burying them.*

The LRNRD Grain Bag Recycling Collection Dates are of March 6th, 7th and 8th for 2019. Call the LRNRD if you have used grain bags within the LRNRD that can be recycled.  Collection locations are listed below by county.

pdf Franklin County Date and Location

pdf Furnas County Dates and Locations

pdf Harlan County Date and Location

Recycled Grain Bags -
- Need to be rolled up for hauling to the recycling plant. (Do not use net wrap to secure rolls. Twine or screws are recommended.)
- Weigh 300-700 lbs. a roll.
- Are made into plastic pellets for other uses.
- Are unwanted at landfills.

*The chemical reactions that occur during the burning of plastic grain storage bag produces toxic substances that releases highly toxic materials into the atmosphere and into the soil. The toxins left in ash can impact water and soil quality. When materials containing chlorine are used, dioxins and furans may form, which can cause health effects ranging from cancer to nervous system disorders, to birth defects.


County Date Time City Location



1:30 PM


Franklin County Fairgrounds



1:30 PM


Ag Center - Fairgrounds



1:30 PM


Buffalo County Extension Office

Red Willow


1:00 PM


Community Building, Fairgrounds

Click here for a full list of trainings across the state.




Tree Planting Webster Co 2018 website

The LRNRD Cost shares on minimum orders of 100 trees or $100 per planting. Orders are accepted at the County NRCS offices for planting this spring.  Below is a list of the available trees and shrubs.  Please contact your county NRCS office for availability. The deadline for tree orders is March 8th. 2019 Tree List  For more information click here.




Brian Ballou, of Wilsonville, NE, a producer in the Lower Republican Natural Resources District earned the top award for the most profitable sorghum farm in the 2018 UNL-TAPS (University of Nebraska Lincoln Testing Ag Performance Solutions) program.  Additional information:  pdf 2018 UNL Taps Ballou in LRNRD Sorghum Profitability  

2018 Farm Management Competition Banquet Report


The Lower Republican Natural Resources District hereby issues an Order pertaining to the Republican River Basin Wide Plan.  Please click on the files to review the Notice of Order, Order, and Full Basin Wide Plan below.

pdf LRNRD Notice of Order

pdf LRNRD Order



Diesel pump irrigation

pdf NDEQ Irr Engine Rebate Extension Announcement


Lower Republican Natural Resources District (LRNRD) and Nebraska Bostwick Irrigation District (NBID) have signed an Agreement through which the LRNRD will contribute $1 million to Bostwick’s upcoming automated gate project. This project will significantly improve the efficiency of the Franklin Canal in South Central Nebraska helping to preserve precious water in the Republican Basin.

Click on the link to read the full story.

Bostwick Rubicon Gate reduced



  pdf Occupation Tax Letter          pdf Occupation Tax Exempt Form 2019


*Please note that beginning in 2018, both the Owner and Operator are required to sign.

pdf Chemigation Rules and Regulations Effective 3-19-2015

Chemigation Form located at the top right of this page under DOWNLOAD FORMS

pdf Chemigation Form Instructions

Project pdf Fact Sheet

DRAFT of pdf Platte-Republican Diversion Project Feasibility Review

CNPPID Approves Diversion Project with NRDs

NET Story "Proposal Would Divert Platte River Water to the Republican River"  View the story here.



NCORPE Website     pdf NCORPE Factsheet

Platte link to NCORPE under construction; Republican pumping for compact compliance less in 2017, Kearney Hub

NCORPE officials seeking wind-solar project proposals, Kearney Hub 

Check out this awesome, informative video about the augmentation project south of North Platte

N-CORPE Augmentation Project

Click on the link below to go to the DNR website to look up wells.  At the bottom of the page you can access On-line Options and Information which has forms you may need to change ownership, making a well inactive, modification, etc.

Groundwater Well Registration

Option 1

calculatorapp Water Meter Calculator App

This University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension App will help irrigators calculate the amount of water pumped by their irrigation pumping plant.

The Water Meter Calculator App allows the user to store data, such as field size in acres, flow meter units and allocation and annual irrigation caps for each field.

The app is available for download at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for $1.99.  

Option 2

Click on the link with the compatible excel for your computer and enable editing on the bar at the top.  Choose meter type, type in Field Name and click on Make Field.  At the bottom of the screen is a tab with the Field Name you just entered.  Click on that and it will take you into the calculator sheet. 

  spreadsheet Calculator for Excel 2003                     default Calculator for Excel 2010

Option 3

A link to UNL's Irrigation Meter Calculator:

Option 4

If you prefer a paper method, you can use this  pdf Printable Formula .

  pdf Employment Application

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