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  • To apply for a chemigation permit, a cooperator needs to contact the LRNRD main office at 308.928.2182 or 800.353.1297.
  • Safety equipment will be inspected prior to use. Application is approved if all equipment is functional. An application will not be approved until all equipment passes inspection.
  • Cooperator must have a current Certified Applicator’s Permit or have someone who has a Certified Applicator’s Permit set up and calibrate chemigation equipment prior to use.
  • Approved applications must be renewed yearly by June 1st. If not renewed by June 1st, the permit expires.
  • Renewed applications are spot-checked once within a four-year period.
  • Cooperator’s or the person setting up and calibrating chemigation equipment must renew their Certified Applicator’s Permit every fourth year.

Permit Costs

  • New Chemigation Permit, $50
  • Permit Renewal, $15
  • Emergency Permit, $500

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